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 SE 2, 9, 18, 28£24.00
 TN 1, 2, 12£36.00
 TN 4, 9£36.00
 TN 5£42.00
 TN 6, 7, 17, 25£42.00
 TN 13, 14, 15£24.00
 TN 18, 23, 26, 30£42.00
 TN 20, 24£42.00
 TN 21, 22£42.00
 TN 28, 34£78.00
 TN 31, 40£84.00
 TN 35, 38£78.00


Dog Kennel & Run 10' x 5'

Ridge Appx Height: 66"  -  Eaves Appx Height: 60"

**Price does not include laying base but we can quote if required.**

A very popular style of dog kennel and run made to high standards.  5ft 6" tall at the front, 5ft at the back.  Ex 16mm thick tanalised shiplap for the walls, 25mm x 38mm framework, Ex 16mm planed TGV for the roof and floor.  50mm x 50mm weldmesh.  Heavy duty green mineral felt.  Each door has a padbolt to accept a padlock locking.

Price includes installation within 20 miles of DA2 8AH.  If you are outside of this zone or are unsure please contact us for further details: 01474 444157.

Price per unit.

For further details on our Shed Range please view our Shed and Garden Buildings information page.

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